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Hoya scortechinii King & Gamble




This hoya comes from Malaysia and it was published in 1908. Benedetto Scortechini collected this hoya and it was named after him.


One variety has been sold as Hoya sp. Sabah IPPS 7950 by Paul Shirley in Holland. This particular clone was found in Nabawan in the spring of 1998.


I think it's the leaves that "make" the IPPS 7950! They are long, narrow, have few flecks and prominent vein in the middle. The leaves are 10-15 cm long and 3-5 cm wide. If this hoya is grown in bright light the leaves get a lovely red hint. It seems to be a hoya that needs space and is best grown on a support.


 There is also a scortechinii IML 0755 with leaves that differs from the IPPS 7950. They don't get any red at all and in my opinion the leaves are rather boring, but then my cutting isn't big. These leaves are just plain green without any spots, about 7-9 cm long and 2-4 cm wide. Leaf photo to the left of the flowers above.


I have also bought an aff scortechinii and it has absolutely gorgeous leaves, which are about 6-9 cm long, 3-5 cm wide, have some flecks and visible veins. Leaf photo to the right of the flowers above. Nice flowers too, but I've only seen them on the sellers private photo. Hopefully mine will bloom within a resonable future!


The reflexed flowers have off white/yellow corolla with darker tips and white/yellow corona and they are about 1 cm. There are normally 5-10 flowers in an umbel. They last less than one week and the fragrance is fresh and sort of like lemon.


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