Last updated:
25 dec 2011

In memorian of my beloved cat Misen

This page is dedicated to my beloved cat. I had him for 12 and a half years. My cat had cancer for the last 1.5 year of his life, but he was without pain and did really well. Until Saturday May 14th 2005 when his back legs started acting weird. He had very little control over them and it looked like he was drunk. I spent every moment of his last days with him and Monday May 16th 2005 was his last day. I took him to the vet and put him to sleep. I thought I was ready for this moment, but I guess I wasn't... It was a tough decision, but I know now that it was for his own good. During his last 1.5 year I told myself that if he ever got pain or anything I would take the decision... Quite some time has passed now and the pain is less, but the memories keep popping up now and then. But at least now you can smile at them and sometimes remember something really funny and laugh at it...


If you want to see any of the photos bigger, just click on them and they will open up in a new window. The texts behind the photos are still in present time and will not be changed. I might add some photos at some point, so welcome back any time!


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