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"If you want to be happy one day, get drunk.
If you want to be happy one week, slaughter your pig.
If you want to be happy one month, get married.
If you want to be happy the rest of your life, grow flowers."

(Chinese proverb)

bulletJuly 21st, 2019
bulletThere has been a lot of confusion as to how to write the names of our beloved hoyas correctly and also questions about what different abbreviations mean. I have tried to gather all that I have learned and also with the help of the members in my Swedish Hoya group on Facebook. You can find the gathered results here: Hoya names and also the Abbreviations and those pages will hopefully be helpful for some and for some I know it won't as someone commented on Facebook that the discussion in my group was just the results of "someone copying and pasting stuff from the internet" and hinted that it was wrong.
bulletI have started the boring work of adding the "new" buttons in the left hand menu on ALL the pages and sub pages... It will take quite some time, but I know it will be worth it.
bulletJuly 8th, 2019
bulletI have in the past few weeks made a lot of changes and updates in the "background" so to speak. Things that will help me when updating the FUN parts of my website. The things I have changed and updated now might mean that some links could be broken and some photos look like they are missing. BUT, these will be fixed as I get further into the pages. It takes a lot of time these "hidden" changes so please bare with me and I will work as fast as I can. Thank you for your patience!
bulletI will now start a few notes about all these weird and not so weird "new" names and older names out there... I will keep them at the top and all the updates I make on the website will be below this. 
bulletJune 6th, 2015
bulletThe confusion has been high when it comes to a certain hoya through the years, but the past few years the confusion has been total! From the beginning this hoya was named Hoya tsangii, but a few years later this turned out to be wrong and it was "changed" to DS-70, which from the beginning was wrong since that is a specific number on a hoya in someones collection and all so called DS-70 couldn't possibly come from the same plant... so now this hoya was just an sp-hoya without name... and so it still is, but it has been discussed that it looks mostly like Hoya burtoniae so the most correct way to call this beautiful hoya would be Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae, because it's still an sp-hoya but looks like (hence the aff.) burtoniae... so that's what it'll be called here on the website until anything more is revealed or known about this hoya. At least now it has sort of a name. :-)
bulletOctober 8th, 2014
bulletFirst out is a hoya that was known as Hoya odorata from the beginning, but then someone said Hoya odorata hadn't been found and that the hoya in circulation was actually Hoya cembrae. So it was called that for a few years until recently when I was told it should be called Hoya odorata - AGAIN. I asked a person who I know knows a lot about hoyas and that person answered me that nothing was certain in this situation. To add to the confusion on this I found a document with a photo of a herbarium sheet where it was written Hoya leucantha (H. cembra) underneath it... So I guess the jury is still out on this one...
bulletThe "regular" Hoya caudata has white flowers, but there is also one with yellow flowers. I've been quite surpriced for many years that the yellow one hasn't gotten any name of its own, but there are people who seem to call it Hoya caudata (gold). It has yellow flowers not flowers of gold, but I guess gold sells better.
bulletThen there was Hoya campanulata, which was later said to be Hoya wallichii, but this hoya is today Hoya danumensis. And that story seems final.
bulletThe one called cystiantha is really campanulata and there is no "real" cystiantha since the differences between these two only is from the size of the flowers (according to the publisher) and therefore these two hoyas are the same and campanulata is the correct name for them both.
bulletThe next question is... is Hoya lasiantha really Hoya lasiantha or is it Hoya praetorii and is Hoya praetorii really Hoya praetorii or is it Hoya lasiantha? The one we now know as praetorii was earlier lasiantha, but now there seems to be doubts... this will be continued.
bulletIs Hoya crassipes the same as Hoya diversifolia? Well, there are rumours...
bulletRemember the long story about Hoya tsangii? First it was the one later called sp. DS-70 and now most of those plants are just sp-hoyas. So, is there any Hoya tsangii? Yes, it is the one we have known as Hoya odetteae for some years, but there has always been a suspicion that it could be Hoya tsangii. Note to self: Need to change that here on the site.
bulletThen there is the story with Hoya paziae... does this hoya exist? Yes, but it is NOT the one we think. The one in circulation as Hoya paziae is actually the same cross as Hoya 'Iris Marie' and the real Hoya paziae seems to also be called Hoya eugeniodes, which I leave up to the experts to sort out.
bulletNothing really confusing, but Hoya mindorensis ssp. Superba IML 0768 has been reidentified as Hoya elmeri (1929, Merrill, Borneo)
bulletAugust 2nd, 2015
bulletI have updated Hoya elliptica with quite a few new photos. I hope you enjoy them! 
bulletOctober 9th, 2014
bulletI am now done with the pages for Hoya campanulata, both facts and photos.
bulletOctober 8th, 2014
bulletI have updated Hoya danumensis with quite a few new photos. I hope you enjoy them!
bulletI have started working on the pages for Hoya campanulata, i e the one we today know as that...
bulletOctober 2nd, 2014
bulletQuite a few small things have been changed. Things like new names, changed names, hoyas that have been moved into the same name but with subspecies etc... a lot of work here for such small things. You just got to love hoyas!
bullet I have tried to sort out and updated Hoya blashernaezii... two other hoyas have been moved into this speices but as subspecies. If you see something wrong let me know!
bulletAlso the pages for Hoya flavida have been created with both texts and quite a few photos. A beautiful hoya!
bulletOctober 1st, 2014
bulletI know it's not much, but Hoya carnosa 'Grey Ghost' is now on the website with a few photos and some info.
bulletSeptember 29th, 2014
bulletI have updated the private hoya links. Unfortunately a lot of websites have been closed and a lot of the remaining are not updated any longer...
bulletThe page for chlorantha var. chlorantha has been updated with new photos and some more text.
bulletApril 17-18th, 2014
bulletI have updated the page on Eriostemma, but I haven't updated any of the species. Only changed what used to say Hoya and some other little things... However, I hope I can update the 'Monette' soon since I have four growing buds in my plant.
bulletThe pages for Hoya 'Sweet Scent' have been updated with both texts and quite a few photos.
bulletThe pages for Hoya lucardenasiana have been updated with both texts and quite a few photos.
bulletThe pages for Hoya carmelae NS 05-244 have been created. Texts will be added later, but there are some nice photos.
bulletApril 11th, 2014
bulletThere has been no updates for more than a year, but there might be some time shortly... today I have exchanged some of the smaller photos of leaves in the albums to flower photos because quite a few hoyas have bloomed for the first time the past year and more are going to soon.
bulletThe pages for Hoya sp Palawan GPS 9057 have been created with both texts and quite a few photos.
bulletMarch 17th, 2013
bulletThe pages for Hoya 'Christine' have been updated with both texts and quite a few photos.
bulletThe page for Hoya sp DS-70 (variegated) has been updated with quite a few new photos.
bulletThe page for Hoya macgillivrayii 'Pandanus Creek' has been created with both text and photos.
bulletJanuary 8th, 2013
bulletThe pages for Eriostemma ariadna have been updated with both texts and quite a few photos.

Bought a new camera in April 2006 and I will upload new and hopefully better photos whenever my hoyas bloom from now on.


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