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When I receive new cuttings I (mostly) put them in water one or two days and then in soil mix. However, sometimes I leave them to root in water and sometimes I plant them directly in soil mix. It depends on the cutting, size of it, what leaves it has (thin/thick) and so on. I took some photos when I received my little 'Mathilde' just to show how I root cuttings. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


Here's what I use when rooting in water:

A) cutting

B) glass jar/small bottle

C) what it can look like after a while


And here's what I use when planting directly in soil mix:

A) cutting

B) soil mix

C) small pot (5 cm / 2 inches)

D) root hormones

E) mini greenhouse or "similar"


And here's how I root directly in soil mix:

1) dip the cutting in root hormones (easy if you keep it in a small bottle)

2) stick it in the small pot

3) put it in the "greenhouse"

4) put the lid on and you're done

5) ventilation


And then all I have to do is what until I see it gets roots or starts growing. Then I either pot the cutting if water rooted or plant it in a bigger pot.


Good luck with your cuttings!


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