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If you want to read about a specific hoya, click on the photo and you will be taken to another page. Some photos might take you to the same page, since some are just varieties of that species. Enjoy the photos and hopefully also the reading! (If you find anything that you might think is wrong, or if I have forgotten something, let me know.)


H. pachyclada H. pachyclada (red center) H. pachyclada x H. loyceandrewsiana

H. pachyclada x H. parasitica (EPC-141) H. pachyclada x H. sp. Bangkok #4

Hoya padangensis

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Hoya pallida (sp. Bogor) Hoya pallilimba Hoya pallilimba
Hoya pandurata Hoya parvifolia IML 0370 Hoya parviflora
Hoya parviflora (green leaves) Hoya parviflora (spotted leaves) Hoya patella
Hoya pauciflora Hoya paziae ('Iris Marie') Hoya pentaphlebia IML 0391
Hoya quinquenervia Hoya picta (puber) Hoya pimenteliana
Hoya 'Pinkie' (australis x H. subcalva) Hoya platycaulis Hoya plicata ssp. rundumensis (sp. from Rundum, Sabah)
Hoya polyneura Hoya polyneura (silver leaves) Hoya polystachya
Hoya pottsii (nicholsoniae) Hoya pottsii (ridleyi) Hoya pottsii (Budabadoo Qld) IML 0489
Hoya pottsii (Coopers Creek) IML 0353 Hoya pottsii(Mount Lewis) IML 0616 Hoya pottsii (Pascoe River) IML 0525
Hoya praetorii Hoya pubescens Hoya aff. pubicalyx HSI-037 IML 0461
Hoya pubicalyx 'Chimera' Hoya pubicalyx 'Jungle Garden' Hoya pubicalyx 'Little Leaf'
Hoya pubicalyx 'Pink Silver' Hoya pubicalyx 'Royal Hawaiian Purple' Hoya pubicalyx 'Red Button'
Hoya purpureo-fusca (cinnamomifolia)    

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