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If you want to read about a specific hoya, click on the photo and you will be taken to another page. Some photos might take you to the same page, since some are just varieties of that species. Enjoy the photos and hopefully also the reading! (If you find anything that you might think is wrong, or if I have forgotten something, let me know.)


Hoya calycina

Hoya campanulata Hoya camphorifolia
Hoya cardiophylla Hoya carmelae NS 05-244 Hoya carnosa
Hoya carnosa 'Freckles' Hoya carnosa 'Grye Ghost' Hoya carnosa 'Holliana'
Hoya carnosa 'Rubra' Hoya carnosa 'Snow Ball' Hoya carnosa (variegata)
Hoya carnosa IML 0158 Hoya carnosa 'H020' Hoya sp aff carnosa LT08-035
Hoya carnosa (red) EPC-26 Hoya caudata Hoya sp. aff. caudata TN99-006 IML 1889
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Hoya caudata TN99-015 Hoya chinghungensis Hoya chlorantha var. chlorantha

Hoya chlorantha var. tutuilensis Hoya 'Chouke' (carnosa x serpens) Hoya 'Christine'
Hoya chuniana (sp. PNG 6) Hoya cinnamomifolia var. cinnamomifolia Hoya cinnamomifolia var. purpureofusca
Hoya citrina Hoya citrina IML 0734 Hoya collina (sp. Biak)
Hoya collina (sp. Irian Jaya 26) Hoya sp. aff. cominsii Hoya compacta
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Hoya compacta 'Mauna Loa' Hoya coriacea IML 1548 Hoya coriacea (from Carol)
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Hoya cf coriacea EPC 633 Hoya crassicaulis (incrassata) Hoya crassipes
Hoya cumingiana Hoya curtisii Hoya cystiantha (campanulata)

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