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If you want to read about a specific hoya, click on the photo and you will be taken to another page. Some photos might take you to the same page, since some are just varieties of that species. Enjoy the photos and hopefully also the reading! (If you find anything that you might think is wrong, or if I have forgotten something, let me know.)


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Hoya macgillivrayi 'Langkelly Creek Qld' Hoya macgillivrayi 'Pandanus Creek Qld' Hoya macgillivrayi aff. superba IML 0458

Hoya macgillivrayi x Hoya archboldiana ('Rain Forest')

Hoya macrophylla (albomarginata)

Hoya magnifica

Hoya magnifica IML 0152

Hoya magnifica var WMZ Hoya manipurensis
Hoya 'Mathilde' (carnosa x serpens) Hoya megalantha NS-05-038 Hoya megalaster
Hoya megalaster IML 1098 Hoya meliflua ssp. fraterna Hoya memoria
Hoya meredithii GPS 1105 (Large Leaf) Hoya merrillii IML 0850 Hoya 'Metallica' (sp. Laos x H. vitellina)
Hoya micrantha Hoya microphylla Hoya microstemma
Hoya minahassae GPS 8816 Hoya mindorensis Hoya mindorensis subsp. mindorensis
Hoya mindorensis ssp. Superba IML 0768 (Hoya elmeri) Hoya mindorensis Poring Sabah IML 1777 Hoya 'Minibelle' (shepherdii x carnosa)
Hoya mirabilis (sp. SR-2008-001, from Khao Laem) Hoya mitrata Hoya monetteae IML 1774
Hoya montana Hoya motoskei Hoya multiflora
Hoya multiflora (albomarginata) Hoya multiflora 'Speckles' GPS 10110 Hoya multiflora SV406
Hoya myrmecopa IML 1375    

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