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07 jul 2019

Hoya danumensis M. Rodda & T. Nyhuus




This hoya comes from Danum valley, Sabah, Borneo and it was published in 2009.


This hoya was for a long time known / sold as Hoya wallichi. Hoya wallichii comes from Indonesia and Malaysia and it was published in 1834 (maybe earlier) as Physostelma wallichii, but it was moved to the genus Hoya in 1996 by C. M. Burton.


This hoya is not the easiest to root. Rooting it in soil is said to be close to impossible, but can be done (I've done it!). Spagnum moss is the best when rooting this hoya. Once it's rooted, it's a fast grower and soon you'll have these lovely flowers on it. The leaves are 8-13 cm long and 3-6 cm wide, thin with prominent veins underneath. These leaves have very few silver flecks.


The flowers are cup shaped, white with white coronas. They measure up to 4 cm when fully opened and if you stick your nose into them, you notice a vague but nice fragrance. You'll find about 10-15 flowers in each umbel. The flowers last about 5 days and produce little or no nectar. It seems to vary from time to time... What also varies is how much the flowers open. Sometimes they open up less and sometimes they are perfect shallow cups and the edges fold back a little.

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