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07 jul 2019

Hoya dennisii Forster & Liddle




This hoya comes from the Solomon Islands and it was published in 1993.


This is a hoya with rather thin leaves, but even though they are thin they can stand to get sort of dry from time to time. It is best grown on a support and even though it's a fast grower the support doesn't have to be the largerst there is... The leaves are dark green with very nice veining. The rather pointy leaves are 3-8 cm long and 1.5-3 cm wide. It seems to like being grown a little cooler, but if it's grown warmer I would guess it needs much more water.

The flowers are lovely pink with darker pink corona. Each almost flat flower is about 2 cm and you'll find 5-15 flowers in each umbel. The flowers produce no nectar, has a very weak smell and they last up to one week.

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