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07 jul 2019

Hoya juannguoana Kloppenburg




This hoya comes from the Philippines and it was described in 2002. It's most commonly seen as Hoya juannguoiana, but I recently found out this hoya should be spelled without the i... The name is in honour of Ju Ann Guo.


This hoya can get rather big with time and it's best grown on a larger support. It twines quite easy on its own.


The leaves on this hoya vary a lot in size. Anywhere between 8-22 cm long and 4-10 cm wide. These leaves sometimes vary in different green colours and have some flecks. The leaves are "folded" a little along the center vein. These leaves are quite shiny, somewhat curved and can get really big. The foliage on this hoya is really beautiful, at least in my opinion. The underside of these leaves are lighter green than on the upper side.


The flowers on this hoya are about 8-9 mm and reflexed. The corolla lobes are white/beige and have pink/redish tips and the corona is white. These flowers have a very strong fragrance. It's hard to describe the fragrance, but it's mostly on the spicy side... I find this fragrance rather nice, but when there are many umbels at the same time it can be a little too strong! In one umbel there can be anywhere from 20 up to 50 flowers. The flowers last about 3-4 days.

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Hoya sp. Philippines 1 (3), click here:


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