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07 jul 2019

Hoya lucardenasiana Kloppenburg, Siar & Cajano




This hoya comes from Luzon (collected in 2007 by Siar and Cajano) and was published in 2009. It's named in honor of Lourdes B. Cardenas (former head of Museum of Natural History, UPLB).


The relatively thick stem makes me think this is a hoya best grown on a support, but it doesn't seem to be a twining hoya. Mine has just started growing, but I'll change/update this page as soon as my experience changes/increases.  In one description I've read said it had a hanging way of growing... The leaves are rather thick with slightly visible lighter veins. They are 4-6 cm long and 3-4 cm wide. On younger leaves the veins are more visible, but they "even out" as they mature.


The flowers are really something! The colour of the corolla is really dark red/burgundy and the corona is even darker. I have seen photos where they look more red, but that can be from the light when taking the photos. Each flower is rolled back, but in flattened state they are about 1 cm and you'll find 15-20 flowers in an umbel. The fragrance is like most other butter scotch hoyas, i e very sweet and pleasant. The flowers also produce quite a lot of nectar and they last about 4-5 days.


To view more photos and read about my Hoya lucardenasiana, click here:


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