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25 dec 2011

Hoya 'Minibelle'




Hoya 'Minibelle' is a cross between Hoya shepherdii and Hoya carnosa. It is named after the hybridizer's wife Minibelle Hummel. There is also a sister seedling to 'Minibelle' and it's called 'Shepherdell'.


The long narrow leaves have inherited both parents charm, i e the length of shepherdii and the flecks from carnosa. The leaves are 10-12 cm long and about 2 cm wide.  If this hoya is grown a little darker the leaves can get to be over 20 cm long, dark green and the flecks are more prominent. I have seen such a plant - really gorgeous, but I think he said it had never bloomed...


The flat flowers are mostly light pink with darker pink a little here and there, sometimes it looks almost striped. The corona is white with red center. Each flower is about 2 cm and you'll find 15-20 flowers in an umbel. The flowers have a pleasant fragrance that mostly reminds of shepherdii, but not as strong. They last about a week.

To view more photos and read about my Hoya  'Minibelle', click here:


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