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15 okt 2013

Hoya mirabilis M. Kidyoo





This hoya comes from Thailand and it was published in 2012. The place where it was found is called Khao Laem and at first this hoya was called sp. Khao Laem. The name mirabilis is said to mean wonderful, extraordinary which I guess would refer to the flowers because they really are wonderful!


I'm sure this hoya can be grown both on a support and as a hanging plant, but I think it's best as hanging even though it doesn't grow very fast. The narrow rather pointy leaves are 3-9 cm log, 1-2 cm wide and have only a few small silver spots. If this hoya is grown in sun the leaves can get a little red around the edges.


The flowers are really gorgeous! First you are surpriced by how big the buds are and then when the delicous green flowers open… well, then you fall in love! The flowers are about 1.5 cm when they have just opened and then they get more reflexed and are about 1.3 cm. The hairy flowers have green corolla and green corona with yellow center. The older the flowers get the colour is more and more yellow. You'll find 10-20 flowers in an umbel and the flowers last about 6 days. The fragrance is hard to describe, but sort of like a gust of wind after fresh cut grass is the closest I can think of when sniffing the flowers. They only produce small drops of nectar and don't make any mess.


To view more photos and read about my Hoya mirabilis, bought as Hoya sp Khao Laem (SR 2008-01), click here:


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