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15 okt 2013

Hoya polyneura Hooker




This hoya comes from Himalaya and India and it was described in 1883.


A hoya most suitable for growing hanging, although the rather stiff branches can grow quite long before they bend down. The leaves are 6-8 cm long, 2.5-4 cm wide, light green with darker green prominent veins. It's often called "fishtail hoya" because of the pattern the veins make. It's supposed to grow fast and since the flowers mostly develop at the tips of the branches, many cuttings in the same pot promotes more chances of flowers. This hoya likes fertilizer. If it gets too little, the leaves can turn pale.


For the flowers to develop this hoya needs cooler nights. When the buds have started to grow it's okay to place the plant warmer again. The reflexed flowers are creamy yellow with red coronas. They are about 1.5 cm, produce a lot of nectar, have a vague fragrance and last about one week. Mostly there are around 10 flowers in an umbel.

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