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15 okt 2013

Hoya praetorii F. A. W. Miquel




This hoya comes from Sumatra, Indonesia and it was published in 1856. It has been named after the person who collected it, C. F. E. Praetorius. For several years this hoya was sold as Hoya lasiantha in Sverige, but the two species vary some...


A hoya most suitable for growing on a support, but I've seen very nice hanging (needs space) plants of this hoya which reminds very much of Hoya multiflora with its upright growth and it doesn't twine so it needs help around the support. The leaves are 12-18 cm långa, 5-9 cm wide, dark green with prominent lowered veins and only a few flecks. It a thin leaved hoya that needs a lot of water and may never really dry out completely, but if it happens it looses a few leaves and recovers quite okay. Even watering is to prefer.


The flowers are among the prettiest among the hoyas. They have orange corolla which is very hairy closest to the beige/burgundy corona. Each flower is about 2 cm long when reflexed and a little more than 1 cm in diameter. In an umbel you can find anything from 10-20 flowers. They produce no nectar, the fragrance is weak (a little sweet) and the flowers last up to two weeks.

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