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15 okt 2013

Hoya wightii ssp. palniensis




Hoya wightii comes from India and it was described in 1883 by Hook. The subspecies palniensis was described by K. T. Matthews in 1992.


This is not the easiest hoya to grow... It needs even watering and it may never dry out completely. It's best grown wrapped around a support, because then the bare vines are easier hidden. The leaves are oblong, about 2-4 cm long, 1.5-2.5 cm wide. The leaves are rather dull green, with a dull surface and no visible veins. New leaves are shiny...


The flowers are white with red coronas. They are 1.5-2 cm and have a hyacinth like fragrance, but it's not too strong. There are 7-12 flowers in an umbel and the flowers last about one week, sometimes longer. These flowers don't produce any nectar. This is a hoya that drops its peduncles after flowering.


To view more photos and read about my Hoya wightii ssp.. palniensis, click here:


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