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26 dec 2011

Hoya sp. ETS 86 (GPS 10069)




This hoya seems to be a variety of Hoya incurvula, which comes from Sulawesi and was described in 1916 by Schlechter (syn. Hoya andalensis Kloppenburg.).


This is a small hoya best grown hanging. The leaves are thick, light green and somewhat recurved. The hairy leaves are small, about 2-6 cm long and 1.5-3 cm wide and some leaves look like they have been folded along the leaf and then straightened out again. It's easy to root, but to get a nice plant you need to put several cuttings in the same pot.


The flowers are really small, only about 4 mm in diameter and ball-shaped. The corolla is brownish pink (sort of striped) and the corona is red with a yellow center. It produces some nectar and the fragrance can be described as caramel like. The flowers last only a few days and you'll find 20-30 flowers in an umbel.

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