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09 jul 2012

Hoya sp Irian Jaya No 61 (GPS 10113)




Judging from the name I would guess this hoya comes from Irian Jaya and there is a place called that in Indonesia.


The leaves are medium green, hard and the center vein is often lighter and sometimes a little raised. New leaves get a lovely red colour when young, sometimes really dark red. Very few flecks or no flecks at all, but the foliage is really nice anyway. The leaves are 4-8 cm long and 1.5-3 cm wide and they can vary from really narrow to almost same size length and width.


The flowers are ball shaped and about 8 mm in diameter. They have red/dark red corolla and corona, produce some nectar, smells like butter scotch and they last about 4-5 days. In an umbel you can find 20-30 flowers. They remind a lot of Hoya kentiana, but kentiana is more purple than red as the Irian Jaya... It has happened that my Irian Jaya has had flowers that were more purple.

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