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07 jul 2019

Hoya inconspicua Hemsley




This hoya comes from the Solomon Islands and it was described in 1894.


Hoya inconspicua can be grown either on a support or hanging. However it twines around anything it gets hold of. It's a fast growing hoya with narrow leaves that vary between 7-12 cm long and 1.5-2 cm wide. The leaves are a little "folded" along the center vein and have no silver flecks. New leaves get a brownish hint but turn green as they mature.

The flowers look similar to the ones on wayetii, but they are smaller (about 6-7 mm) and don't produce as much nectar as wayetii. They have the same fragrance as wayetii, but not as strong. You'll find anything from 15-30 flowers in an umbel. These flowers last about one week. This hoya flowers easily and above all - often!

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