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Some abbreviations and what they mean

All abbreviations are gathered here after a long and nice discussion in my group Hoyapladder (sorry, only for Swedish) on Facebook and also in private discussions. If you find anything wrong or anything is missing, don't hesitate to contact me.

Abbreviation   Explanation / notes
sp. = species species
ssp. = subspecies subspecies
subsp. = subspecies subspecies
var. = varietas variety (almost same rank as ssp.)
NOTE! Variegated may never be shortened to var. as that abbreviation is only used for varietas in botanical latin.
cf. = confer compares favorable (with)


= cultivar cultivar
aff. = affinis similar
H. = Hoya always with capital H.
Other abbreviations that could be nice to know what they mean
ABG = Adelaide Botanical Garden
AP = Sutthisak Sangkhakorn (website Apodagis)
BSI = Biological Science Initiative
CMF = Charles Marden Fitch
DMC = David M. Cumming
DS = David Silberman (David was the chairman of HSI during several years)
EG = Edward Gilding
EKW = Eva-Karin Wiberg
ET or ETS = Eric Tauecchio
EWF = Estrellio WaterFall
GPS = Gerard Paul Shirley
HSI = Hoya Society International
IML = Iris Marie Liddle (David Liddles wife)
IPPS = Institute for Protection and Propagation for Succulent Plants
NOTE! IPPS is not used any longer and after they stopped it was GPS that were used. However, the IPPS numbers that exist should be kept as they are. I have seen IPPS number changed to GPS number, so there could be some confustion. 
IR = Irian Jaya (this one I am not sure of)
LT = Lao Trip
MB = Mike Bernardo
MM = Michael Miyashiro
MPR = Marylin P. Rosario
MT = May Tolentino
NG = New Guinea
NS = Nathalie Simonsson
PG = Patrick Gozon
PNG = Papua New Guinea
PT = Li Ping-T'ao
QLD = QueensLanD
RA QLD = Reprint Act QueensLanD
RB = Ratburi Phanmai (Hoya farm in Thailand)
SE = Sabine Ericsson
SR = Surisa Somadee
SS = Surisa Somadee (seedlings)
SV = Stenåsa Varberg
TG = Ted Green
TN = Torill Nyhuus
TOC = Tenom Orchid Center
USDA = United States Department of Agriculture
UT = Uthai Treesucon (thai hoya collector and ornithologist)
WMZ = Welch Mountain Zoo

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