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Some examples on how I write names

I started a discussion in my group Hoyapladder (sorry, only for Swedish) on Facebook about how to write the names of our beloved hoyas. I gathered all I had learned first and then we added along the discussion some more hints and examples. If you find anything wrong or anything is missing, don't hesitate to contact me.

  Example no 1:  
  Hoya (always capital H) carnosa (always with small letters when it comes to the species name)  
  Example no 2:  

Hoya pubicalyx 'Pink Silver', Hoya pubicalyx 'Jungle Garden' (both these are just examples of cultivars as there are many more). It used to be written Hoya pubicalyx cv. Pink Silver, but the cv. has been replaced by single quotation marks.

  Example no 3:  
  For the crosses with names of their own they used to be written as Hoya cv. Chouke, but just like with the cultivars the cv. has been replaced by single quotation marks and written like Hoya 'Chouke' (where you should have capital H for Hoya and also capital beginning of the 'Name'). More examples are Hoya 'Noelle', Hoya 'Joy', Hoya 'Mathilde', Hoya 'Minibelle', Hoya 'Iris Marie' etc.  
  Example no 4:  

Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae (this hoya is similar to burtoniae and then it gets sp. and aff. (=affinis) before the name).

  Example no 5:  

Hoya chlorantha var. chlorantha, Hoya chlorantha var. tutuliensis, Hoya cinnamomifolia var. cinnamomifolia, Hoya cinnamomifolia var. purpureofusca (var. means varietas (=variety) and not variegated).

  Example no 6:  

Hoya blashernaezii ssp. blashernaezii, Hoya blashernaezii ssp. siariae, Hoya blashernaezii ssp. valmayoriana. It is also common to use subsp. instead of ssp.
(ssp. and subsp.= subspecies)

  Example no 7:  

The inner variegatad Hoya australis ssp. tenuipes got its own name and is written Hoya australis ssp. tenuipes 'Lisa'. 'Lisa' with single quotation marks and capital L. The outer variagated Hoya australis ssp. australis has not gotten any name of its own, so that is just written like it is Hoya australis ssp. australis (margin white/outer variagated). Do not use latin words like albomarginata and variegata as they are not part of the names, but can easily be mistaken for it. It's better to write out the descriptive words instead. 

  Example no 8:  

The inner variegatad Hoya carnosa has been named Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Princess' or Hoya carnosa 'Rubra'. The outer variegated Hoya carnosa is called Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Queen'. It is not wrong to write Hoya carnosa (margin white) for example. Sometimes you see the name Hoya carnosa 'Tricolor', but this is as far as I have been told only a description that the new growth has three colours. 'Tricolor' is used for both the Queen and the Princess.

  Example no 9:  

Name changes... have become quite frequent these days and can be confusing to most of us. To keep track of the old names (sometimes synonymes) I keep both names like for example Hoya verticillata IML 1618 (former wibergiae). The most correct way to write this would be Hoya verticillata var. verticillata (former wibergiae). Another example is Hoya globulifera PNG 4 (former lamingtoniae). The number should always follow the hoya even after a name changes.

  Example no 10:  

Hoya meredithii GPS 1105 (Large Leaf), where a hoya is described by its large leaves, but the description should not be part of the name as it is very easy to create confusion and some people might think it's a "new" hoya.

  Example no 11:  
  Hoya kentiana (inner variegated), Hoya heuschkeliana ssp. heuschkeliana (inner variegated) or Hoya kerrii (outer variegatad or margin white). When a hoya has white in their leaves they are variegated. A hoya can be variegated either in the center of the leaves or on the edges of the leaves. The variegation is just information and not part of the name. You could also write variegated Hoya kentiana or Hoya kerrii with white edges etc. Important to keep the descriptive words separated from the name and the word variegated may NEVER be shortened!!  
  Example no 12:  

Hoya sp. Flores Island UT-039. When a hoya has just a number and the name of the place it was found. When you only have the place it was found it can be Hoya sp. Kalimantan. Maybe not the best examples, but the only ones I can think of right now.

  Example no 13:  
  Hoya subquintuplinervis x Hoya sp. Bangkok #4 (where #4 is simply no4)
Crosses, hybrides - the seed pod parent is always written first and the pollen parent last.
Crosses of known parents are written with x in between the involved hoyas.
Crosses of unknown father should not be distributed as it will only add to the already existing confusion of which hoya is which. There are already too many unidentified hoyas in circulation.

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